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Poclain Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Motors & Parts​

We stock hundreds of Poclain Hydraulic motors and replacements for Rexroth MCR models. Take advantage of our stocking program for radial piston motors by calling us today at 901-589-7164. 


Flint Hydraulics is an authorized distributor of Poclain Hydraulics low speed high torque cam lobe motors. Poclain displacements range from 13 to 915 cubic inches per revolution with maximum pressure ratings to 6,000 PSI.

Custom Configurations

We can custom-build or convert from stock, supplying motors with special valve housings, integral brakes, standard and short-wheel motors, single or dual displacements, and multiple speed variants.

Parts &

Flint Hydraulics carries the largest inventory of Poclain parts in the entire U.S.A. Our extensive inventory of parts and assemblies will fill all your service requirements for repairs and conversions.

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