Hydraulic transmission system

If a hydraulic system is not a source of power, what is it? Hydraulics is defined as: The means of transmitting power through pressure applied on a confined liquid. The key word here is transmitting. A hydraulic system is a transmission system; its function is the same as that of the transmission in a car – to transmit the power output of the prime mover so the power can be used to do work.  It is important to note that it is not only the hydraulic pump that is the “transmission;” every component of the hydraulic system is part of a transmission system. A hydraulic system can deliver to the machine no more power than the amount of power put into the hydraulic pump by the engine, and an improperly designed hydraulic system can significantly reduce the power delivered to the working parts of a machine. Need help troubleshooting your hydraulic system? Call us today at 901-794-4884 or email sales@laurenc60.sg-host.com.

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