Full steam ahead!

To our UPN family,

We realize things look grim right now, with nationwide cancelations and empty store shelves. But we UPNers are a die-hard lot, and we’re known for acting with certainty in uncertain situations! We want to assure everyone that Flint Hydraulics, Inc. is still planning to go forward with UPN 2020, while keeping an eye on CDC recommendations and always holding paramount the health and safety of each of us. We will continue evaluating the situation on a weekly basis, but for now, all is good to go.

For those who may be wavering, I’d like to share thoughts sent by an American friend who lives in China:

“As you plunge into what we’ve already been through, know that it won’t last forever. China had to power down for a while, but now it’s powering back on; and the rest of the world will, too. To paraphrase Vera Lynn, who sang reassurances in a far darker time than this, the lights will go on again, all over the world. You will have your sporting events, your rallies, your parties, and all the other social activities that make our lives worthwhile. This thing will not last. Some of you may fall ill, but you will heal. Markets will fall, but they will recover. Fear may trouble your hearts, but it can be replaced with hope and optimism. Stay strong, use common sense, and use resources like social media to strengthen each other. That’s what we’ve done here, and what you can do there!”

We hope you will join us in UPN solidarity and continue to support our Memphis event. Let’s face it, by June, we’re all going to need a fun and relaxing break, and what better place to find it than UPN 2020, Walkin’ in Memphis? 

Sign up and sponsor today at https://flinthyd.com. We’re looking forward to “Walkin’ in Memphis” with you!


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